2P 3P 4P 25A 32A 40A 63A 80A 100A AC ISOLATOR SWITCH

Isolating switch is a switching device that is mainly used for “isolating power supply, switching off operation, connecting and cutting off small current circuits” and without arc extinguishing function. When the isolating switch is in the open position, there is an insulation distance and an obvious disconnection mark between the contacts that meet the specified requirements; in the closed position, it can carry the current under normal circuit conditions and under abnormal conditions (such as short circuit) within the specified time. current switching device.


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AC lsolator Switch  are suitable for switching on and off AC circuit systems, such as in PV systems and air conditioning systems. This weatherproof disconnector is particularly suited for outdoor installation and can achieve protection level.The base mounted mechanism provides more convenient termination and wiring room.


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