Brand Story


MOREDAY SOLAR originated from Wenzhou, a coastal city full of industrial heritage in China.

In 2009,in Wenzhou, a coastal city in China, there were two upright young enthusiastic youths. They were very interested in industrial design. Affected by the local electrical atmosphere, they also started to make molds in the factory and began to design circuit structures... For the products designed by myself, they can completely protect the safety of home circuits, and they have entered Chinese families of all sizes. Two young people have the idea of starting their own businesses. Since then, Mindian Electric began to be born, and its products began to be sold at home and abroad. Mindian Electric has made breakthroughs in the field of high and low voltage electrical appliances. During the reform, it began to contribute light and heat to China's low-carbon goals, and successfully registered for MOREDAY SOLAR brand.

MOREDAY SOLAR is dedicated to integrating DC and AC circuits, providing protection for solar DC systems, pioneering, innovating, and striving to improve products, hoping more than solar, and supply more help for the world's low carbon.


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