grid-connected cabinet

The photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet is an important part of undertaking centralized inverters and step-up transformers or AC combiner boxes and step-up transformers. The incoming line of this photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet adopts circuit breaker input or direct input, and the output adopts circuit breaker or load Isolation switch, the busbar is connected by electroplating or purified busbar, and provides secondary lightning protection. The rated voltage of the system is up to AC690V, and the protection level is IP40 indoors and IP65 outdoors; the secondary measurement and control cables, the current is greater than The cable of 2.5mm², the cable with the voltage of 1.5mm², the control cable of greater than 1.0mm², the measuring current transformer is the current transformer of class 0.5, and the measuring transformer is the current transformer of class 0.2S. It can also add related functions according to customer requirements. This product adopts professional electrical design and component selection, which makes the internal structure of the cabinet safe, concise, beautiful, convenient for on-site wiring and maintenance, and ensures the stable operation of the equipment for a long time.


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· Both fixed installation design and plug-in design are available;
· Combination of circuit breakers and components of Feng company or well-known brands at home and abroad into functional units, with excellent
Good technical performance, safe and reliable; can be composed of various standard unit modules for customers to choose
Intentional selection of assembly;
· Use the isolation between areas and the mutual isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of functional units, effectively
Enhanced safety protection performance;
· Combined assembly structure, all structural parts of the frame are firmly connected with screws, the frame and doors,
The panels are electrostatically sprayed after phosphating, and all parts that are not sprayed are galvanized and passivated.
reason. Can meet the requirements of various components and meet different working environments to achieve corresponding protection
The frame is made of high-quality steel plate, and the frame can have holes with a modulus of 25mm², which can be used for various purposes
Expansion, there are two ways to enter the line, the upper and the lower side;
· High breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible and convenient electrical scheme combination, strong practicability, main
The parameters must reach the international advanced level;
· Light reset, high mechanical strength and assembly precision, and beautiful appearance.

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