Complete photovoltaic product production equipment

MOREDAY SOLAR has its own closed-loop supply chain system of solar electrical products. The highly-advanced producing procedure involves mold processing, hardware processing, injection molding, spot welding, components processing. Moreover, Moreday Solar adopts fully automatic lines for assembly, testing and packaging, in order to achieve lean and intelligent manufacturing of solar and low-voltage electrical products. Several management systems engaged in the producing procedure to ensure the efficiency and quality: ADAC(automatic data acquisition system), MMS (material management system), APMS(abnormal production management system), QMS(quality management system), WMS(warehouse logistics management system), EMS(energy efficiency management system).


MOREDAY SOLAR, founded in 2009, is a leading intelligent manufacturer of Solar DC components ,integrating R&D manufacturing and marketing . With more than 10 years of experience in industrialization of photovoltaic products, Moreday Solar has developed two modern production bases: a manufacturing factory of terminal electrical (equipment) and another factory of solar electrical ( equipment).

Perfect facilities complete function

MOREDAY's strategic vision is to become a world-wide brand which partakes in new energy solutions and projects to help the world overcome energy shortage and global warming effect. Moreday solar aims of internet technical support and AI as the ultimate direction for world’s solar system electrical industry industrialization (keep up with pulse of the times and development.It will eventually become the mainstay of the world’s solar system electrical industry).

advanced equipment and sophisticated technology.

Moreday solar closely follow the national strategic policy of “from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality,” gradually realizing the importance of intelligent industrial upgrading, (the market always favors those enterprises. that have foresight and dare to innovate.who can master digital intelligence and who will win the future.) MOREDAY electric relies on a highly professional design team that works on mature process flow, perfect quality management system of the experienced production. At present, Moreday Solar has dozens of production lines and more than 100 local and international suppliers.


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