MDDC 30KW-360KW DC charging pile

Universal compatibility
Compatible design of new and old national standards, according to different models
It is required to automatically configure the charging voltage to meet the charging requirements of different models.
electricity demand. Compatible with all national standard electric vehicles.


Product Detail

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Efficient and convenient
Using the new charging and rectifying module technology, the power factor can reach 0.99, the efficiency can reach up to 95%. Wide output voltage range,
150-750V continuously adjustable, wide voltage and constant power output.12/24 auxiliary power can be freely selected. Support dual gun charging at the same time
Electricity, round-robin charging and other charging methods.
Wide range of applications
Can be used for charging stations, bus stations, parks, commercial centers to write Office buildings, residential buildings, factories and other places. for electric cars,
Construction vehicles, buses, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles and other models are fast Charge.

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