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Molded case circuit breakers are also called device circuit breakers. All parts are sealed in plastic casings. Auxiliary contacts, undervoltage releases and shunt releases are mostly used in modular molded case circuit breakers. The head, arc extinguishing chamber, release and operating mechanism are all installed in a plastic casing. Generally, maintenance is not considered. It is suitable for the protection switch of the branch circuit. The overcurrent release has two types: thermal magnetic type and electronic type. Generally, thermal-magnetic molded case circuit breakers are non-selective circuit breakers, with only two protection modes: overload long-time delay and short-circuit instantaneous protection. Electronic molded case circuit breakers have overload long-time delay, short-circuit short-time delay, short-circuit instantaneous and grounding. Four fault protection functions.


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Protection against overload – currents above the rated value that last longer than what is normal for the application.

Protection against electrical faults – During a fault such as a short circuit or line fault, there are extremely high currents that must be interrupted immediately.

Switching a circuit on and off – This is a less common function of circuit breakers, but they can be used for that purpose if there isn’t an adequate manual switch.

The wide range of current ratings available from molded-case circuit breakers allows them to be used in a wide variety of applications. MCCBs are available with current ratings that range from low values such as 15 amperes, to industrial ratings such as 2,500 amperes. This allows them to be used in both low-power and high-power applications.

MDM1 series molded case circuit breaker, rated voltage up to AC1000V, current up to 400A. AC800V voltage breaking capacity up to 30kA, can realize the system short circuit protection.

Equipped with the protection devices for over-current, short circuit and under voltage, the product is capable of preventing damage of circuits and supply units. The product conforms to IEC60947-2 standard.


Protect your electrical equipment:

1. Protection against overload

2. Electric fault protection

3. Switching a circuit on and off

4. Prevent Fires 


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