MOREDAY SOLAR at Vietnam The future energy show 2022

The 3-day THE FUTURE ENERGY SHOW in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was held at the Adora International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 13-14 local time.

Organized by terrapinn, this exhibition is the largest and most influential renewable energy exhibition in Vietnam. It is strongly supported by Vietnamese government agencies and local media and enjoys an important position on the international energy exhibition stage.

MOREDAY SOLAR showcased its new “solar photovoltaic” and “car charging” solutions at booth 3C03, and shared the latest progress with customers and partners from all over the world.


Vietnam, the most exciting renewable energy market in South East Asia.

With 100GW of additional capacity forecast by 2030, and a ten-fold increase in renewable energy generation, Vietnam is serious about the future of its energy sector.

And renewables are poised to be a key part of that future. The Government is targeting to increase installed solar capacity to 15GW and to 6GW of wind capacity. And they are investing US$143 Billion into the sector to do just that.

The recent introduction of a solar feed-in tariff of up to 9.35 US cents/kWh gives the solar industry a boost and large scale solar projects are becoming a reality.

With ambitious targets, a committed government and a healthy investment outlook Vietnam is a very interesting market for developers, investors, generators and manufacturers.


Vietnam is also scaling up its efforts to bring electricity to the entire population, whether on or off-grid, our hope is that this event can help accelerate adoption.

Many customers and partners expressed strong interest in the product and spoke highly of it, saying that MOREDAY’s products have brought many changes to the industry. The first is the solar power distribution solution. MOREDAY’s full range of products focus on protecting the circuit safety of the solar system, which can cut off the circuit in time when the system is in danger to provide effective protection; secondly, the car charging solution brought by MOREDAY has been well received by the exhibition. Unanimously praised by the audience, AC and DC charging piles made their debut in Vietnam and amazed the audience. In the future, Vietnam will also expand the use of electric vehicles, use solar energy to charge electric vehicles, reduce the use of mains electricity, and efficiently promote the transformation of electric vehicles. Vietnam will take renewable energy as the premise and comply with global standards.

MOREDAY is based on independent research and development, pays attention to product quality, continues to make breakthroughs and innovations, and continues to deepen the new energy industry, and is committed to providing efficient and reliable new energy solutions for Asia-Pacific and global customers.

Post time: Jul-15-2022

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