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Stable solar DC product production line

As shown in the data below, MOREDAY SOLAR has a stable digital production workshop and a complete production process to provide complete and effective circuit protection for your solar energy system.

Plant Area
Production Lines
Poles Annual Capacity


Customized Mold

Our products are made of more than 300 independent molds, and our mold manufacturing workshop can customize professional molds according to customer needs, and our workshop can produce samples within half a month and provide customer inspections to facilitate subsequent large-scale production. Production delivery of the order.

Digital production assembly workshop

MOREDAY SOLAR introduces a digital process system, as well as advanced electrical manufacturing equipment for digital visualization of production. We are able to complete high volume orders with precise production speed and production time, and we can ensure product quality while completing fast delivery. Our digital assembly shop ensures that our customers are able to cope with times of high market demand.

Traceable Products

Every product we produce can be traced back to the raw material, production and packaging of the product, which effectively guarantees the quality of the product and provides reliable support for after-sales.

Pre-production workshop

MOREDAY SOLAR uses specific workshops when manufacturing different aspects of our photovoltaic products and conducts comprehensive technical workshops before production. Each workshop has a strict quality control system, and we ensure that the final product provides lasting protection.

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Our experts can customize the plan for your system, taking into account the cost, material and functional design and local market needs.

Technical Support

Available 24h 7days, our seasoned staff offer professional technical support  phone call or emails to monitor the runnings of our any solar system.

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