MOREDAY SOLAR 丨Floating smart combiner box suitable for 210 modules to help 20MW floating solar photovoltaic power station in Malaysia

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Malaysia, with a land area of only 330,000 square kilometers, is close to Singapore. In recent years, the installed photovoltaic capacity has increased rapidly. This is due to Malaysia's long-term pursuit of efficient and intensive use of land resources. In this context, in October 2021, Malaysia’s 20MW floating solar photovoltaic system project officially landed. The project all adopted MOREDAY SOLAR’s surface floating smart combiner box suitable for 210 modules to build the world’s largest inland floating type with high quality and efficiency. Power station.

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100% green water supply MOREDAY SOLAR holds hands with the world Large inland floating power station

The 20MW floating solar photovoltaic power station in Malaysia covers an area of 0.15km² and uses 90 sets of MOREDAY floating smart combiner boxes suitable for 210 modules. The project is a large-scale inland floating solar photovoltaic system in the world, which is a milestone for the development of Malaysia's renewable energy industry. Once the project was launched, it immediately received strong attention from domestic and foreign media. The project is expected to generate 25213168/Kwh annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18978.22 tons per year. After being connected to the grid, the power generation will meet 2% of the annual energy demand of the Malaysian Water Authority and make Malaysia one of the few companies in the world to achieve green water supply. nation.

MOREDAY SOLAR's surface floating smart combiner box with 210 components stood out from the competition and won the trust of customers

Regarding the selection of photovoltaic supporting products, due to Malaysia’s environmental protection policy and the importance of the project in the local area, the project owner and EPC company are very cautious in the selection of project components. Comprehensive evaluation of the system, global cases and other aspects, and finally unanimously decided to choose the MOREDAY floating intelligent combiner box suitable for 210 components.

The combiner box for surface floating power station is a new research and development product of MOREDAY. There are many successful use cases around the world, and there are many application cases and design experience in matching projects with 210 components.

This project is also the application case of MOREDAY SOLAR's first floating power station in Malaysia. More and more countries have recognized the quality of MOREDAY SOLAR products, and the overseas brands of MOREDAY SOLAR combiner boxes have been deeply rooted in the hearts of customers.

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Stay true to your original aspiration and become a global brand in the photovoltaic segment

Since its establishment in 2009, MOREDAY SOLAR has focused on the subdivision of photovoltaic combiner boxes for more than 10 years. The company is positioned as a professional solar photovoltaic application technology service provider, committed to providing solar photovoltaic application technology overall solutions and "full life cycle" one stop Service. The cumulative shipment volume of our products has exceeded 5GW, serving more than 1,000 global customers, and exported to more than 50 countries around the world. It is a Chinese brand that participates in global competition in this segment. The products have been globally renowned such as Huawei, Longi, and Sungrow. The unanimous recognition of the enterprise.

The company always adheres to the development concept of common development and win-win cooperation, and strives to promote the development of global green, clean, renewable energy and photovoltaic industries. Through "leading technology, quality assurance, excellent service" to become the most trusted photovoltaic company in the world!

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Post time: Nov-17-2021

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