微信图片_20220413101957 As we look back on 2020, I am proud of how we adapted to the challenges that came our way. We took care of our employees, provided for our customers and partners, and prospered along the way.

We are optimistic about our resilience, flexibility, and solid business processes, reflecting the best in sustainability.

Sustainability is at our core at MOREDAY and our purpose remains to advance a sustainable future for all. As part of our commitment, we released our Reports on the development of the photovoltaic field in the next five years and better sustainable approaches. As we work towards an equitable energy future for all, we are aware of the importance of mobilizing the world to reduce the carbon footprint and electrify the planet.

We will continue to work hard to deliver high quality products that produce clean energy, save our customers money, and provide them with complete energy independence. Looking forward in 2021, we are excited about the strength in worldwide demand for solar, the ramp of our solar systems and upcoming new products, the higher levels of customer service, and our ongoing digital transformation efforts.

As always, I thank our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders for their continued support.

To be continued, More than solar Dedao Huang

President and CEO

Oct.20, 2021

Post time: Oct-20-2021

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